Supporting Public Acquisition for Conservation

A voice for nature on the Nature Coast.

The GCC is a not-for-profit local land trust which promotes natural resource preservation through public education and acquisition of sensitive areas by public agencies.

Founded in 1992 by residents of the Gulf coastal counties of Hernando and Pasco in west central Florida, their unifying concern was the increasing destruction of Florida's natural environment due to the dramatic rate of growth and development.

Working in partnership with government, business, and private interests, the GCC strives to preserve habitat which is crucial to the survival of native plant and animal species.

The GCC coordinates efforts to secure funding from public agencies and private sources, which are used to purchase tracts of land where the fragile natural ecosystems remain essentially intact.

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Remembering GCC Founding Member, Arline Erdrich

Sadly, we have postponed the dedication, but we look forward to seeing you when it’s rescheduled. We’ll keep you updated through this website and by email. Meanwhile, stay safe.
Read more about Arline here.